Project name: Wsparcie w zarządzaniu oraz nadzór inwestorski przy budowie Centrum Zarządzania Siecią we Wrocławiu
Location: Wrocław, ul. Powstańców 132
Type: cubature construction
Investor: TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.
Customer: Miastoprojekt Wrocław Sp. z o.o.
Project in figures: budżet – 31.700.000,00 zł netto,
kubatura - 28 300,00 m3
Start date/Completion date: 01.10.2015 r. – 30.05.2017 r.

“Centrum Zarządzania Siecią” building has been erected in Krzyki, one of Wrocław districts. It is a four-floor building with underground parking. The place is noticeable by its emergency response system, one of the most advanced and reliable installations that can be operated in case of power supply outage. The footprint takes more or less 3 thousand m², the major part of which is dedicated to remote control systems, server rooms, and IT hardware. The operations of this site cover the entire region of Lower Silesia.