What are the criteria for selection of a CDE platform? Choosing a good solution seems to be quite complicated. First and foremost, it requires the awareness of own needs, knowledge of your company-specific procedures (such as e.g. agreements; approval levels; applicable hierarchy) and requirements of a defined project. All these variables have an impact on the final shape of our CDE platform.  The functionalities which help supporting, improving and automatizing the process are of utmost importance. We should, however, avoid such additional “improvements” which contribute more to impeding rather than optimising your work.

Things should be as simple as possible, but not simplerAlbert Einstain

In reality, selection of a CDE platform means choosing a partner to co-operate with; their experience and innovative approach should guarantee that your new platform will give your work a new dimension and your company will keep developing and building up its competitive lead on the market. The process of selection is composed of a number of meetings; at that point, it is important to focus on the needs, limitations, and actual processes inside your company.

Whyto stake upon us?

  • We are professionals

    The platform has been developed by doers for doers.

  • We personalise

    We focus on what you and your company need individually.

  • We minimise

    We believe in the principle of minimalism. The platform should be intuitive, functional, and safe.

  • We are experienced

    Our team has been and will be dedicated to the implementation of investment projects at various stages of investment processes. We just feel it.

  • We keep developing

    You develop with us and we develop with you. We appreciate your comments and work on the ideas towards such targets only which may be functional for you.

  • We offer support

    Need support at the stage of project management, putting into practice the BIM technology or an ICT solution? We will be pleased to assist you in this challenge.