ePMflow is a particularly intuitive and user friendly CDE platform developed by doers for doers. It is a tool that adjusts itself to the requirements of your team and your company-specific procedures.

DMS and DCS modules make up the core of the platform.


Document Management System

DMS allows arranging the library of the documents specific to each phase of the Project.


Documents Circulation System

DCS stands for electronic document circulation. It allows automatic information flow and decision making.


  • Users have a real time access to the documentation from any location via the Internet browsers;
  • Storage of the most up-to-date existing version of a document;
  • View of the preceding versions of a document;
  • Edition of a document via the system (automatic document change updating);
  • Development of any folder structure possible as agreed upon with the Client.


  • Automatic document circulation along the agreed pathways of distribution;
  • Option to attach any documents (files) to the circulation at each stage;
  • Participants in investment project may fill in project documents from distant locations;
  • Optimisation of communication process at the minimum risk of omission or delay in decision-making process;
  • Automatic e-mail notifications of events on the platform, such as e.g.: file posting / review.


  • Increased data safety: access to the content requires the User to log in by means of individual data set (login and password);
  • Option to define the levels of access to data saved to the platform, for individual users or user groups;
  • No unauthorised changes in circulating documents allowed;
  • Archiving documents in electronic formats and in orderly manner;
  • All data saved to the communication platform are collected on servers installed in the territory of the European Union.


  • User’s panel with notifications of activities;
  • Project event timetable;
  • Lists of tasks;
  • Decision making process real-time monitoring and detection of bottlenecks in the process;
  • Option to track the document status and version: who and when changes the document; version comparison; reports on circulation statistics; information on time spent on development of documents by individual circulation participants.

ePMflow ensures safe cloud hosting at a Polish data processing centre. The latest hardware and high quality services ensure the best functioning and high level of information safety. Hosting services include the operations on hardware, delivery and maintenance of ePMflow software, as well as project data storage.