Can we help you with our own knowledge and experience of our partners?

Need assistance in efficient implementation of BIM technology in your company? Looking for a reliable Manager BIM? Need help in developing the bidding procedure with BIM requirements? Then we are ready to offer you our know-how and experience of our partners.

BIM technology

The building market witnesses more and more investment projects which require the use of BIM technology. The digitalisation of the building branch creates a multitude of options, it constitutes, however, a serious challenge. New participants in this process need support of an experienced partner to achieve their goals.

In cooperation with partner companies, we offer the following services:

  1. BIM implementation in the company: analysis of needs; necessary training; selection of tools and processes; support of pilot project;
  2. Complete training package: BIM fundamentals; BIM process management; BIM for Investor;
  3. BIM Manager function;
  4. Consulting in development of bidding documents to the extent of BIM;

When acting together, we will overcome any problems easier and achieve the goal more swiftly.

Project management

Growing expectations among users and interested parties, advance in technologies, more and more restrictive regulations and technical standards, gradually more stringent deadlines … these are a few examples of challenges which the investors must face when they put their building plans into practice.

We can assist the clients with our professional support and experience which are necessary to implement compound investment building projects. Each of such projects requires many complex decisions and activities which must not be considered as unknown quantities:

  1. Planning.
  2. Right identification of investment needs.
  3. Selection of location.
  4. Budgeting.
  5. Selection of implementation model and development of procedures.
  6. Development of project documentation.
  7. Management at the stage of construction.
  8. Real property management.