ePMflow Platform

Developed by practitioners for practitioners, ePMflow is a particularly intuitive and user friendly CDE platform. A tool that adjusts itself to the requirements of your team and your company-specific procedures.


Shared data environment; effective communications; safety; decision making process development and progress monitoring; detection of bottlenecks; work time schedule. All these services come in formats adapted to the needs of your team.

Specific services

Need support in effective BIM implementation in your company? Looking for a reliable BIM Manager or Contract Engineer? We are here to help you and offer the know-how and experience, both us and our partners.

CDE (Common Data Environment)

In this acronym, “Environment” stands for the approach to the project management. The CDE Platform is a tool for the team who actually shape the project. The most important issue is to make the participants of the investment process understand the heart of the matter, i.e. the logic of data management, co-operation, optimisation, and ordered state. A motivated and competent team is a key to the success. It is the team members who give the CDE platform its final shape and become its beneficiaries.

The CDE platform is designed for data collection, whether graphical or non-graphical, management, and distribution within the team and among other addressees. It may accept any information on the project irrespective of technology, whether developed in BIM or traditional formats (PDF, DWG, .xls, etc.).


Test ePMflow as early as today. Write to us to download a free-of-charge demo copy.