§ 1.

  1. The present Terms and Conditions define the rules of using the Demo Version of ePMflow platform available through an internet browser.
  2. Use of Demo Version made available by ePM Sp. z o.o., with head office in Cracow at 60, Podole Street, is free of charge and means no obligation to purchase the Service.

§ 2
Explanation of notions

The definitions used in the present Terms & Conditions have the meaning described below:

  1. Company: ePM Spółka z o.o., with head office in Cracow at 60, Podole Street (zip code: 30-394), entered into the register of enterprises under the number : KRS 777645, tax identity number NIP: 6762563650, statistical number REGON: 382878643;
  2. ePMflow: CDE (Common Data Environment) platform containing two modules referred to as “DCS” and “DMS”;
  3. Demo Version: ePMflow platform in text version, made available free of charge for a period of 14 days from the date of assignment of an account;
  4. Terms and Conditions (T&C): Conditions of using the Demo version of ePMflow platform;
  5. Online form: A functionality which allows sending personal data to the Company in order to create a Demo Account;
  6. User: Natural person using the Company’s resources to the extent described in the present T&C;
  7. Demo Account: Personalised access to Demo Version of ePMflow platform on the basis of login and password;
  8. Login: String of characters which allow identifying a user who logs in to the system; in the case of Demo Account, the login will be the e-mail address given by the User;
  9. Password: String of characters which allow using the Account if entered by the person marked by the login;
  10. Registration: Creation of Account for the User of the Demo Version of ePMflow platform.

§ 3
Rules of access to Demo Version

  1. Access to the Demo Version requires the User to have individual user name (login) and associated password.
  2. The User logs in on the platform by means of Demo Version access data sent to Demo Account together with User’s login and password.
  3. To use Demo Version of ePMflow platform, the User should have the access to the

§ 4
User registration with Demo Version

  1. User’s registration with Demo Version requires the User to fill in faultlessly the online form available at: https://www.epmflow.com/.
  2. The User will receive data on access to ePMflow Demo Version, login, and password via electronic transmission. Data will be sent to the e-mail address given in the contact form.
  3. To send the online form for the purpose of acquiring the access to Demo Version, the User should become acquainted with the content of the present T&C and consequently, to approve of the same.
  4. Access to Demo Version will be possible on the basis of registration and entering proper login and password.
  5. Access to Demo Version will be cancelled upon the expiration of the period of 14 days from the date of assignment of the account.

§ 5
Obligations of the Company

  1. The Company ensures a free of charge access to ePMflow for a period of 14 days from the moment of delivery of login and password.
  2. Limitation of Demo Version functionality means that only one path of document circulation will be made available to the User.
  3. Given the test nature of the service, the liability of ePM Spółka z o.o. for damages arising out or connected with the use of Demo Version is hereby excluded to the extent permitted by mandatory legal provisions.
  4. The Company shall use personal data made available by the User to Demo Version only for the purposes and to the extent defined in paragraph 6 of the present T&C.

Personal data

  1. User’s filling in and sending the contact form is equivalent to User’s consent to our storage and administration of such data we need to provide the Demo service correctly and to verify the quality of service used by the User.
  2. The Administrator of personal data given in the contact form is: ePM Sp. z o.o. with head office in Cracow at 60, Podole Street.
  3. Data subject shall have the right to view and correct their personal data.
  4. Data processed by the User by means of Demo Version must not be personal data within the meaning of the Act on personal data protection dated 29 August, 1997 (Journal of Law, No. 133, Item 883, as amended). Should the aforementioned provision be violated, ePM Spółka z o.o. shall not be liable for such data processing, including data confidentiality and integrity.

§ 7
Obligations of the User

  1. The User must use the ePMflow platform in compliance with the provisions of the law and of the present T&C.
  2. The User is obliged to give true and accurate personal data in the registration form.
  3. The User is obliged to refrain from giving their login and password to Demo Version to third parties.
  4. Demo Version may be used only for the purpose of service testing. Commercial use is hereby forbidden.

§ 8
Limited access to ePMflow

  1. The Company shall have the right to close ePMflow provisionally for the purpose of updating and maintaining the same with no obligation to notify the Users of such shutdown.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for provisional limitation of access to the ePMflow platform for technical reasons or force majeure circumstances. Specifically, the Company shall not be liable for unfeasibility to access the resources in connection with telecommunication system failure as well as for other effects of defective operations of telecommunication circuits and damages brought about by such failures.
  3. The Company shall have the right to close User’s access to Demo Version at any time should the Company ascertain that the provisions of these T&C or of the applicable law have been violated, in particular under the circumstances mentioned below:
    1. Personal data given by the User are untrue or concern another person;
    2. Login or password was given to a third party;
    3. User has failed to observe good manners in relation to other Users or the Company.

§ 9.
Miscellaneous provisions

  1. For more information on Demo service or commercial version of ePMflow platform, contact directly with our sales department: kontakt@epmflow.com.
  2. Any complaints about the use of Demo Version should be sent to: biuro@epmflow.com.
  3. The Company will endeavour to answer the complaints within 14 days from receipt thereof. The results of complaint examination will be communicated to the User by the Company via electronic mail to the e-mail address given in the notification of complaint.
  4. ePM Spółka z o.o.  shall have the right to make changes in the provisions of the present T&C.
  5. Any changes in the present T&C shall be notified to the Users by means of posting on: www.epmflow.com.
  6. Validity period of the present T& begins on the 1st day of July, 2019.
  7. The provisions of the Polish law shall apply to all the issues which have not been regulated in the present T&C.
  8. Any and all disputes arising between the Service Provider and Service Recipient shall be submitted to the court having jurisdiction over the head office of the Service Provider.